Shining LightsMature

A noise like an industrial alarm clock was beeping somewhere to my left. I reached to try and find my bedside unit. Finding the button, and sighing at the silence, I rolled onto my back and tried to pull the covers over my face.

There was a noise next to me in the bed - I froze. Slowly, I opened my eyes and turned to see what was in my bed.

The man's hair was long and brown, obscuring his face from view, and the arm of his that was pulling the cover tight was covered in leather. He was wearing a leather jacket. I realised I was still fully clothed from the day before, down to the high heels I only ever wore to gigs and I started to panic - I didn't remember getting to the gig last night, let alone leaving. Looking around the unfamiliar room, and finding a small window, I crept out of the bed and towards the curtains.

"Oh god..." I said to myself, seeing nothing but white - a full on blizzard was stopping me from making out any other houses or cars.

"Excuse me, do you mind if I use your loo?" A groggy voice came from the bed. I turned slowly on the spot.

"You mean this isn't your house?" I whispered. His eyes opened a bit wider.

"No, I presumed it was yours..." He pulled away the covers to get out of the bed. He looked at me as if he was deciding something, and then shook his head. "I'm Martin. My mates call me Ted." He offered me a hand, which I shook.

"Roxana." I whispered, looking back out the window. "Where are we?" I bit my lip, and turned to look at the rest of the room - a double bed was pressed against one wall with a door leading out next to it. The wall next to the window was lined with wardrobes.

I reached out and opened the door to one of them.

"They're mine..." Martin whispered, clearly not expecting to see his own belongings. "Open the next one." He half smiled at me, as he pulled out a thick hoodie and switched it for his leather jacket.

The next one held my clothes - my gig skirts, my low cut tops and my band tops. Barely anything warm as I spent the winter usually over in America with what little family I had left.

Martin came to nosy, and I wanted to slam the door shut away from him.

"You've got nothing warm! Oh goodness..." He went back to his wardrobe and pulled a thick black jacket out. He threw it to me. "Stick that on, you'll freeze other wise."

"Thanks." I muttered, pulling it on and pulling a pair of jeans off a shelf. "Do you mind turning away? Then we can have a look at what else is in this place." The words were barely out of my mouth before he had turned his back on my and clamped his hands over his eyes.

The floors creaked as we made our way down staircase after staircase. The sound of tears came from a room as we past it on the 3rd floor down from us.

"Hello?" I asked softly, knocking on the door. "Is somebody in there?" The handle turned and a girl who was towering over me stood there.

Her eyeliner was running down her cheeks, and her hair had a purple tinge to it. "Where are we?" She opened the door wider. "Who are you?"

"I'm Martin, this is Roxana. Was there anybody else in there with you?" The girl shook her head. "What's your name, honey? We're just as confused."

"Skarlett." She said, wiping her face with the back of her hands.

Martin passed her a tissue that he found in his jeans, and put a hand out to her shoulder. "Come on, let’s see if there's anybody else here."

Another staircase down, we found a kitchen and a large living room. The big fireplace had a fire built in it already, with a box of matches on the hearth. I ran past to set the fire going.

"Oh joy, a pyromaniac." A sneer came from the sofa. "Good to see I'm not alone, Harry was getting on my nerves."

The voice came from a blonde girl, who looked barely old enough to drink, who was sat playing with he nails on the sofa in front of the fire.

"Why didn't you set the fire going? There's a blizzard outside, we've got no chance of leaving this building today." Martin said, remarkably calmly compared to the anger I felt.

Blondie stood up. "Of course we have to leave! I have a pageant in Paris next week, and I'm supposed to be leaving on Wednesday."

"What a shame." A voice came from the doorway behind Skarlett and Martin, who both jumped. A guy with glasses and half a beard walked in. "What have you done with Harry?" He rolled his eyes at the rich girl.

"I told him to go find me a phone so I can ring mother." She said, sitting up straighter.

"Don't light the fire! Don't light the fire!" A large creature bounded into the room, waving a piece of paper. He froze when he saw the rest of us. After rereading the piece of paper and pointing at each of us in turn to count us, he moved towards me and handed it to me.

"The six of you have almost won. You entered for a reason, and must survive to claim what you long for the most." I read out loud. "You cannot escape, we are watching you. Food will be delivered every other day. There are no mobile or Internet connections out here and you will not be given the chance to test this." I turned the note over. "None of you have ever met before; we have made sure of that. The keys to the coal store are in the fire. Be careful, we are watching."

Silence fell as we all looked at each other.

"I'm Harry." The one who had handed me the note said, making us jump. "I was a personal trainer in Liverpool."

"Brian." The bearded one moved closer in. "I teach computer skills in Cardiff."

"Roxana." I said, smiling at Martin. "I'm a full time dancer in York."

"A dancer? Never would have guessed." Martin smiled back. "I'm Martin, solo musician that's failing to make it big from Kendal."

"Skarlett. I speak 18 languages and teach English to people who have been forced to seek refuge here." She said quietly, covering up some of her tattoos with her hands quickly.

"Where are you from?" Martin asked, putting a hand on her shoulder.

"Brixham." She sighed and moved to sit in the armchair that was closest to her.

We all turned to face the blonde girl. "Well?" I asked, and she turned to face me.

"My name is Christine. I'm from London, my father has high end contacts all over the world and I'm working as an international model." She stuck her nose up at me and turned back to face Martin.

"You seriously need to lose that attitude Christine; else we're all going to tire of you very quickly."

The End

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