Chapter OneMature

Poppie Goldstone moves to a small village with a dark secret. The people are strange, her school is weird and she wants nothing more than to go back home. The eeriness of this village plagues her and whilst she lives in fear, someone is watching her. Someone has taken an interest in her.

I was created not out of love, but out of revenge. I am nothing more than an abomination to nature, a plague cast upon the Earth to fulfill one man's childish need for vengeance. I would not exist if it were not for him. I would simply be dead. Instead I am forced to live a pitiful existence, a pathetic excuse for a life, cursed with a constant need for bloodlust and death, a constant, endless thirst. I am insatiable. I am the bringer of death, the eradication of life. No one is safe, not even you.

I live in regret and torment, hating myself for every act that I carry out, but with no way to stop it, I must continue.

It is never-ending.

The End

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