Locked in a heated rivalry two girls, Katy and Katie, would do anything to overthrow the other. Even being miles apart these two characters find ways to dominate over the other. From spiteful hate mail, scandalous acts, to tearing of friendships, there isn't anything these ladies wouldn't do in order to be first. Unknowingly this rivalry would lead them down a path that would end one and allow the other to shine.

Chapter One


Katy Smith


            “Kateh!” Aimee cried. She always gave my name a different sound because I’m the secretly special one. I opened my arms as she run into them. “I’m gonna miss you.” The hot tears raced down her cheeks and onto my bare shoulder. It was recommended to wear layers but Hawaii’s summer is not yet over and I’m gonna be here for another 3 hours, so a spaghetti strap top would do until the flight.

            “I already miss you,” I whispered.

            Aimee is my best friend, I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t with her or she was without me.  We practically shared everything together, well, except the other Katie’s friendship.

            I gave her tiny body another squeeze before pulling away. She didn’t bother hiding the tears or the sadness from her eyes. My chest began to ache but I couldn’t let her see how broken I am about it too. She needs someone to be strong for her.

            “Hey, I’m just a chat room away,” I pulled her in for another hug. “You can text me anytime and I’ll be there.”

            “Promise?” Her voice, filled with hope, quivered a little probably from the tears.

            “I promise,” I told her, looking straight into her large, brown, almost doe-like, eyes.

            “Katy hurry up and get in the car!” My mother yelled from the driver’s seat. I gave Aimee a look and she seemed to understand the unspoken. I turned and ran to the car. I left my friend behind, alone with the other one.


            Despite the turbulence and the constant crying of the babies on board, it was almost a relief to leave Hawaii. I’m free from the wretch’s clutches.

            We flew through the night. It was nice to see the stars mingling with the wisps of clouds, a spectacular view. Most people were watching the movie that was being played, another James Bond movie. As for me I was content in watching the sky float by, my laptop humming softly on the pull out table, and my feet tucked underneath me. Usually about this time a story is written in my head dying to come out on paper but this night I was overwhelmed with unexpected joy.

            A start of a new adventure awaits me. Time to put everything behind.


Katie Schmidt


            It was eight o’ clock in the evening and already the air feels lighter. I couldn’t stop myself from smiling; I’ve been smiling so much my cheeks burned!

            I wanted to save this moment so I began to draw my feelings. A combination of thick and thin, flourish and harsh, soft and hard lines created one of my greatest works. I was so proud of it I even uploaded it to my deviantart account.

            Katy was finally gone. No more being stuck in the shadows watching her get all the guys I want. Or stealing the attention of the outcast group of friends we, by some sheer twisted faith, share. Now it’s my turn to shine, it’s time for a change.

The End

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