Angels Take FlightMature

With only minutes left until sunset, I tried to keep in their minds that they may have to kill humans, who were truly not human.  Only Slayers could see the demons true form, however, some would shed their human form, just out of spite.  And first and foremost, I had to retrieve Shinasaryu, the problem was how?

            “So now you two know just as much as I do,” I finished, finally.

            Darien seemed dumbfounded at first, “Whoa, man, that is some serious shit.”

            “Yes,” the sun’s light was creeping away, “Time to put an end to it.”

            Before I opened the door, I knew there would be hundreds of them waiting for us to break away from the safety of Sanctuary.  In opening the door, I sensed at least fifty on the roof of the building directly beside us.

            “Get ready,” I said, hoping that would give the strength and courage necessary, “On my command, run left to the end of the alley, across Hankin, run up to 7th, as you cross it, stop halfway, you should be safe there.”

            “James, man, what about you?” Darien whispered.

            “They’ll want me more, hopefully, I can fight them off enough to keep you two safe,”

            “Naw, dawg that’s whack! We ain’t just gonna let you get yo’self killed!”

            “Trust me, after last night,” I said slowly, “The demons will wish that I was dead.”

            “James,” Kris said, “Be careful.”
            “Go! Now!” I swung the door open and leapt upward, the two stayed in the barrier as long as they could, and once they came out of it.  Demons flooded the streets, countless swarms of them, every shape and size imaginable.  I was still within the barrier, as I landed on the roof of Sanctaury, the hundreds more on the rooftops, awaited my absence of the barrier.  Several more than I expected had kept their human form.

            I notice more heading after Darien and Kris, I ran across the roof, knowing full well they’d need my help! And in leaping, I did not give it a second thought of landing, as I was already soaring through the air!

The End

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