Anger can be a good thingMature

Kris shrieked, I looked around and didn’t see anything, then I looked at my left side.  My left arm had begun growing back and it was a lovely sight.  The skeletal system of it was complete, and the other layers were beginning to grow back.  It appeared as a sickly grotesque growth, but it was a most beautiful sight to me, even now I could feel the nerves beginning to form again.

            “Its okay,” I told her, “Wounds like these take a little longer.  I felt the patch over my eye, I pulled it off, and my left eye was still dark.

            “And some wounds I suppose can never be healed,” I looked at the ground, “It seems as though a demon used a certain weapon, or perhaps only one of its kind, when it cut my eye.”

            Kris was concerned, “Wha- What do you mean?”

            “The demons have managed to develop weapons that injure perhaps even kill Slayers,” I grab a fresh trench coat out of the closet, and slip it on, “We don’t have much time, 48 hours are between us and the end of the world.”

            “End of the world?...” She sounded as though she didn’t believe me.  So I assure her of the seriousness of the situation.

            “In 48 hours if I have not destroyed Shorgnath the Evil One, he will have placed the Chosen Child onto the Beacon of Darkness, and having completed the Ritual, darkness will fall across the Earth.  Thus allowing the demons free reign over the Earth.”

            “Oh,” She said sadly.  My intention was not to sadden her, but to light a fire, I suppose it only took a couple of seconds for it to truly ignite.

            “Then lets go kill some demons,” She said and nearly ran down the stairs.

The End

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