“If you’re gonna be able to use it again either!” She shouted, and burst into trembling sobs, laying on the end of the bed.

            “Yo, man, I’ll leave ya’ll two alone, helpin’ her with you last night made me real sick, and her talkin’ about right now, it ain’t helpin’...”

            Darien jogged down the stairs.  Kris spun around and sat on the bed, wiping the tears.

            “Sorry, sorry,” she was calming quicker than I expected, “I know better than to get emotional about this stuff.

            “It’s okay,” I consoled her, “Sanctuary will heal its Guardian, I must rest this day, and when night comes,” I look to the window, “The time for reckoning will be at hand.” I thought it sounded badass, but in my current state it probably looked pretty pathetic.

            “Okay, well, we’ll stay and look after you, until then,” she looks at me, “Just be sure to rest easy.”

            “Okay,” I assured her, and she embraced me, I took in the sweet smell again.  It made me both very happy and angry at the same time.  The anger came from me thinking that some demon could kill her, but I tried not to show it.

            And so the rest of the day was spent in slumber, not soothing slumber mind you.  For nightmares crept into my mind, the demons were on me again, one pulled my left eyeball out, another ripped my left arm off, another crushed my left knee and was about to break my right foot off!

I woke up...

            “Oh!” Kris had just stepped up into the room, I was sitting up, with a cold sweat on my body, “Are you okay?”

            “Yes,” I threw the sheets off and stood up, it had been two days since I had been able to do that, the sun was close to setting.

The End

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