Are physical wounds as painful as mental ones?Mature

“Yo, dawg, she gotta be some kind of nurse or somethin’ ‘cuz she was takin’ stuff and whippin’ it around and tapin’ ya up and stuff,” Darien’s words were beginning to run together more than usual.

            “Darien, please,” I tried to sit up, but found it was very hard, at first I thought am I really paralyzed?

            “We had to tie you down, when we first laid you down, you were really still, then you started wiggin’ out, like you were havin’ a seizure,” Kris said.

            “Oh, well, I’m awake now, so please let me up,” I said calmly.

            “Okay,” Kris smiled, smiled that brilliant smile, she wasn’t much younger than I,

I discovered as she came much closer to help untie me.  She and Darien helped me sit up, I inhaled, and the smell of wildflowers and blossoming roses filled my lungs, it was possibly sweetest smell I had ever smelt.

            I coughed, and that hurt a lot, my chest felt like it was on fire, Kris began explaining my wounds in the huge medical terms and I had no idea what she was saying so I asked.

            “Wait, what the hell happened to me?”

            “You have a laceration across your chest, several cuts and bruises on your face and body, your left eye... it was swollen to the size of a half dollar, your right ankle’s broken, your left knee is busted, and...”  She looked at the ground.

            I asked, “What? What is it?”

            “I had to take your left arm,” She stood up, she began crying, I looked to see the bandages wrapped around my chest, and where my left arm was.

            “And,” she croaked, “I’m not sure about your left eye...”
            “Not sure about ...?”

The End

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