Kris ReturnsMature

The demon obviously knew I was close, so I leapt as much as I could, and buried my right fist into the side of its head.  It was enough to kill it, and as it began to melt, all I could think of was Shina-Saryu.  Summoning enough strength and will to lift my body back off the ground, onto my left leg again, I was only four and a half feet away from the disappearing handle. 

            Only four and a half feet, and if I could place just a finger on it, I could pull it out again.  I looked back at the demon, as long as its body stayed on this Earthily plane, the shadow would continue its mission.  Only feet and seconds lay between me and the salvation of Earth.  And the branch that the creature had been using, tripped me, as my face hit the dirt, I was able to still see the glinting metal disappear.

            “NO!” I cried out hoarsely, but it was no use the sword was trapped in the Realm of Shadows now.

            I must have passed out from both exhaustion and shock, and then I awoke with a gasp, laying in my bed at Sanctuary.  Darien was looking out the window with the sun on his face, Damn, I was hoping it would still be night.  I had sixty hours now, and time was not one for slowing.

            “Darien,” I said, thinking it was loud enough, but he didn’t even blink, “Darien!”

            Still he stared out the window, “DARIEN!”
            That must have been very loud, as he turned startled, “Man! Damn! James! Don’t be pullin’ that crap on me man!”

            I grinned, and it didn’t hurt as much, “Darien, I can’t open my left eye...”
            “Yeah man, it was like swollen shut, and this girl helped me fix you up, I think you might recognize her,” Kris walked up the steps to the bedroom.  She was as beautiful as before, maybe even more so now.

            “Hello, James,” Kris said shyly.

The End

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