Rescue Shina-SaryuMature

            I could hear the constant scratching of the limb against the ground, and each time the limb scraped across the blade.  The point was in the shadow now, and because there was no rules of weight nor any kind of grip it had to grasp the blade.  The creature began to focus on the shadows, a black glob appeared, and wrapped around the tip of the blade.  The weight however did affect the creature’s concentration, as it had to focus quite a bit on pulling it further into the shadow.  I was focusing myself, right now, on trying to get up, pain shot through my entire left side, and my left arm was nearly gone.  I looked at it to see that was most likely broken in every way possible. 

            I had to move fast now, as the shadow began to swallow up the Demon Slayer.  I sat up after five minutes, and saw Shinasaryu was halfway engulfed in the shadow.  I crawled a few feet, then managed my way to my feet, and discovered my right ankle was broken.  I fell again, I could hear the demon chuckle, which sounded more like a cough and gargling.  This time I rose, pushing up with my right arm, and pulling my body weight onto my left leg.  Only the knee had been twisted, I could still hobble on it. 

           At first, I thought, now how am I supposed to get to the sword and kill the demon?  But as I shuffled over, hopping on the leg, and found that hurt just as much as when I would put my right foot down long enough to pull my left leg forward.  So between hopping, skipping, hobbling, I was closer to the demon.  The sword was now gone up to the handle, but I still had a chance. 

The End

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