Death is only another journeyMature

           I could tell he was about to die, I held the tears back as long as I could, anger, fear, doubt, hatred, all of it nearly consumed me.  I trembled as I sank to my knees and Shinasaryu fell from my hand.  Abruptly twenty, maybe thirty demons appeared, it was so fast that, for the first time, I was surprised, I had also been distracted, and thus did not sense their approach.  I laid in a few good licks, kicking one’s jaw nearly off.  I tried to take their legs out, at least ten of them wouldn’t be able to walk again.  It seemed like hours, the fighting, one had been able to form some large bludgeon weapon, and when it hit me on my left side, I slid in the dirt for at least ten feet.  It was at that point I knew it was do or die time, I fell into some blind rage, and don’t remember much after that.

            It was over as quick as it had begun, I lay there in a pool of blood, mixed of mine and theirs.  I was able to open my right eye, the moonlight reflected off the liquid, a warming sight, it was still early into the night.  Then I saw one, it was pulling itself by one arm, and I noticed its jaw was hanging.  I tried to see what it was pulling itself to, as it was not coming toward me.  The few that I had not killed by my bare hands must have scattered, and left Shina-Saryu, possibly scared that it would take on a life of its own and start slicing them to ribbons.  If only that were true now, these damned, foul beasts are like roaches, if not killed by some holy weapon, they stay alive.

The End

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