This current skirmish, merely a distraction, the real action is going on elsewhere!  I really don’t remember running all the way to Norsair Hill, but as I drew closer, I began to feel a deep dread come over me.  It truly began as I saw smoke billowing into the sky.  Then this sickness came over me and knotted up my stomach, a lump was shoved into my throat. 

             And the realization of what had happened kicked me, it hit so hard, that I doubled over and vomited.  I didn’t vomit much, because I don’t eat much, I don’t need to, but the fact was, Master was nearly dead.  Impaled on a cross, his body broken, but he was still alive.  His blood still fresh dripped onto the dry ground.  The training center, where I had spent my childhood, was burnt to the ground.

            “James,” Master says weakly, “Listen carefully, I don’t have much time.  The Evil One came, he was able to go through the barrier, and he took Bren.  There is still hope, the Ritual will take 72 hours, as you know, and during that time, the Evil One will be most vulnerable.”

            “Where?” I continue to stare at the burning ashes of the house.

            “To Szchlizenkel, in Germany...” The Master looks down at me. 

            “What am I to do?”

            “The Slayers in that area are already preparing, but you must go, save your son, and Slay the Evil One, or all will be lost.”

            “I understand, Master, but how am I to reach Germany in three days?”

            “You will fly,” He says it almost matter-of-factly.

            “Sir, with all due respect...” I become flabbergasted, many thoughts ran through my head in those brief seconds.

            “You can fly, you have earned that power,” Master looks deep into my soul, “You, James of all the Slayers have the power to end this, and give salvation back to the humans, you must be strong...”

The End

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