Demons are bugs, too!Mature

            The bug like one that came out of the sewer continues, “Your son is the final component, and he is being hunted as we speak!”
            I finally reply, “My son is safe, so long as I breathe, and Shina-Saryu is in my possession!”

            The one from behind me, “That is why we have come to take it away!”
            A grin crawls across my face, “You want it, come and get it!”

            I know exactly how close the one behind me is, “Here, catch!”

            I spin and release the sword, it slices the air, almost literally, finally as it sinks into the demon’s flesh, it screams in pain.  I run at the screaming demon, grabbing the blade, twisting it inside, the pitch of the shriek increases, but I ignore it.  Pulling the blade leaves a gaping hole in the demon’s side, and as I shove aside, it melts into decaying bones. Spinning to meet the next two, both were coming down directly on top of me.  A tricky maneuver to get out of, but nowhere near impossible. 

             Especially since I had already done it once before, leaping up at them, I lean more to the bug-like one on the left, dodging its attack, my blade cuts through its midsection.  I spin in the air, and catch the other in the same place.  As the two foul creatures descend they decompose into ashes, which is blown away and nothing is left to hit the ground.

            Suddenly, I sense Master Covah is in pain! 

The End

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