A day of rest = a night of huntingMature

           Besides the note from Kris, I'd found a hidden note from Master Covah. He headed to Norsair Hill, his home, he felt it would be even more safe. More safe than a Sanctuary? Things were coming to a head after all.            

          “Good, see you at dawn,” that is how I usually tell anyone staying, goodbye.  I lock my computer system down, setting the usual firmware to erase everything if my passwords aren’t filled in during the allotted time. I grab my armored vest, coat, Shina-Saryu. I can hear Darien already on his cell calling up some friends, good, that’ll be even more in safety. I step out into the cold wetness.

            I see a few more familiars as I walk outside, and pass out of the safety of Sanctuary.  Sometimes I wish I could tell the whole world at one time of the Sanctuaries scattered across the globe, but it would be impossible to house them all.  That is why it is key to keep the Slayers’ profiles as low as possible, all who know me, save Master Covah, only know me by my first name, and they know of the war between humans and demons.  And they also know that if everyone knew, then they could very well jump start the Final Ascension.


            The hunt begins again, more demonic activity has been occurring lately, or that’s the story from the other Slayers anyway.  My city is just as drab as usual, a few meandering demons out to stir up trouble, know of my location. 

            Those few try, and try as they may, to get the jump on me, but I am always ready to unleash Shina-Saryu.  The first leaps off the nearest corner of the building behind me, another, a drug dealer, rips its human disguise off, and runs at me from the nearby alleyway.  A third scurries out of the sewer.

            “Give it up Slayer, our Master has already taken the last child necessary for the Ritual!” The drug dealer says as he continues the dash.

The End

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