A few hours later, I heard a few people scramble in and out of the front lobby area, usually people taking a reprieve from the cold. They’d often rearrange their coats and jackets and head back out, but I had let a few, those who’d been more curious than others, to come into the inner sanctum. In other words, my base of operations, I had all the necessities, fridge, bathroom, kitchen, office area… One of the regulars stopped in, and recognizing his scent the second he opened the door, and heard him call from downstairs.

            “Yo, yo, yo,” the accent is purely Brooklyn, “James, my dawg, what’s up?!”
            “Hello Darien,” I reply, staring at my computer screen, doing my usual research, “How’s it going down in your crib?”

            “Man, what the hell did you just say?” Darien blurts out, “Man, don’t be tryin’ to talk ebonics to me, I will straight up kick yo’ ass.”

            I try to soak it in, but I simply turn my head toward him, “Do you wanna take this outside?”
            Darien cracks a laugh, “Oh no dawg! HAHA! You know I’m just playin’!”

            “Yeah, well, beer’s in the fridge,” I finish up my research through the day’s arrest records, and give my usual speech, “Just don’t have too many honeys over this time. Alright dog?”

            “HAHA! You know me man, I’ll keep it straight up in here.”

            Darien is a good kid, he stays away from the hard drugs and such, those things are demons in themselves.  And the ones who put the drugs out for the humans to consume, truly are demons, they use them to keep a lot of the humans loyal to them. 

            It sickens me every time I see another succumb to the drug, which is why I try hard to keep those that happen upon Sanctuary as informed as possible. 

The End

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