A written letter?Mature

I appeared to her, and brought her in, she was attractive as most young females are.  She of course was inquisitive, but I told her I was only passing through, and that she would be fine, if she stayed until morning.  I then left to go on my nightly route through the city. 

As dawn broke, I had returned, and she had left a note.

            It read:

            Dear Mr Man

Thank U Very Much! i thought fer sUre 5-0 had me but U must know ‘em or whateverU fixed me up pretty good, so i left U my last bit o' $$$, its all I cUld do to repay U for keepin me outta the hot seat

                                                Thanks again,


            It was written like a girl had written it, but something just continued to nag at me about it. And in this day and age, even more odd for a young girl to physically write a not out... Not to mention she left me the last bit of her money, but then it came to me that she probably would sell her body, and easy enough to get some quick cash. 

            It caused me quite a bit of anguish, how ungrateful the people of the city were at times.  Such as this girl, she had been running from cops, and I kept her from getting caught... A great hero I was, but it could have been worse, the mite could have bit her ankle, without her even noticing, allowing the ghoul that it belonged to appear, and finish her off.

            I suppose that was the blessing of Sanctuary, and its curse.  It can keep any human safe, good, evil, indifferent, that is its purpose, and of course most humans know nothing of the protective power Sanctuary has.  However, the select few who have discovered the war between humans and demons know what it is and often stop by.

The End

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