Dawn breaksMature

            As I realize that none are around, it hits me that the sun is beginning to rise.  In a sense I am hopeful, that me, my son, Master and this side of the world has made it through another night.  And another side of me is disappointed, which is shown as I lower Shina-Saryu, and slowly return it to its sheath.  I turn, and whatever is left of the dead ghouls is consumed by fire, and the ashes are whisked away by winds of the city.

            Like any other day, people are waking, getting ready for their jobs, those people and their jobs are all still here, thanks to me and Covah, as well the long line of monster slayers.  Shina-Saryu is one of many mystical weapons used to defeat evil and all its minions.  Another of my kind is on in the next time zone, and a couple more spread through the world, they make sure the world is safe, and pretty soon it will come to an end.

            They all know of my son, and the part he plays.  I am only a few more blocks from Sanctuary, the building appears to be dilapidated from the outside.  But that is for cover from both demon world and the human world both of which are fully capable of destroying the sacred building. It is a place where the wounded come to heal, both physically and emotionally. 

            A young girl stumbled by the other night, and just as a mite, mites are comparable to pets of the ghouls, was about to bite her.  I thought it was going to attack full force, but as she was in the protective field of Sanctuary, she was saved, and if she had not gotten to the specific space in time, I would have saved her. 

The End

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