"No mercy!"Mature

           Master Covah is off in a flash, and the attention of my attackers is now directed towards him as well. He makes the leap to the tallest building, but I will not allow such filth to follow so easily.  The one that had formed its new weapon was the first to trail after Master, but before it could even get close, Shina-Saryu would taste the sweet nectar of its victory once more.  As I slice through the horrendous beast, I continue upward, through the space now created between the halves.  The halves fall as before, and I turn to see two more continuing the chase, as they flee downtown, toward Sanctuary. 

            I bound from the wall to the building across the street, as my feet touch the surface of the brick, already turning, and in half leap.  Jumping towards my target, I expect a quick kill, but as I said earlier the ‘monkeys’ learn.  It spins facing me, claws tear into what was now left of my coat after the earlier tussles.  I barrel roll with the swipe, landing in a crouching position on the edge of the nearest roof, I continue the momentum of my spin and kick at its legs that move upward faster than my leg. 

            “Fine! Have it your way,” I say angrily, “NO MERCY!”
            Rage fills my body, as I charge upward, slicing as the same time, however I had not finished, bringing the blade downward cutting yet again.  I knew the other was coming toward me, however, they still were not as smart as a well-trained slayer, especially with the Evil’s Curse, the Shina-Saryu in my possession.  I bring my feet down, my boots gripping the asphalt of the roof, I hold the blade out at its head level. 

            Like a melon being cut into, the demon’s head slides right onto the blade.  If any are watching, I want them to know that from this point on, they do not get it easy.  Removing my second blade, a dagger, which is hidden, and I know that with my speed they can only see the flash of light.  The body now decomposing, and head beginning to, I sling the blade behind me, half of the head flies off into the darkness.

            “Come on you freaks!” I yell valiantly, “I’ll take you all on...!”

The End

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