Master Covah appearsMature

            Shina-Saryu stops for no mindless beast of burden.  The pieces of that creature fall, I immediately turn my attention to the one that was now nearly on top of me.  Getting my acrobatic exercise in, a leaping cartwheel to the right, but had not even anticipated that another charges toward me from the opposite direction. 

             Apparently I moved just in time, as they collide, crushing each other’s skulls and the last one leaps over them. Regaining my balance, and composure, stopping myself from laughing at the absurdity of my attackers. I shake my head, then turn sideways to them.

            “Come foul beast, meet your death,” I taunt the attacking fiend, throwing it into a frenzy, it was already sloppy to begin with, so as I perform a spinning dragon sweep, it is totally taken off guard, but before it can hit the ground Shina-Saryu is raising up, popping its head off like a cork, then I am tackled from the right.

            If Bren had been even close to being hurt, I would have fought with even more ferocity that ever.  But thank my lucky stars, it was Master Covah, he had pushed me and Bren out of danger.  It seems that after so many of its kind are killed before it, they become stronger, smarter, and deadlier.  One had been able to form a double-bladed axe shape out of one of its clawed hands, smiling a devilish smile. 

            “I will take Bren to the Sanctuary, finish them, and meet me there,” Master Covah looks into my eyes, his own are still as full of youth and vigor as ever, “I have some important news, but hurry!”

The End

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