Slayin' and displayin', styling and proflingMature

            The dark liquid pours out, but I am protected from such crud.  Flipping the blade around, sheathing it once more, before the ghoul’s pieces hit the ground. It is already decaying, and in a few moments nothing will be left of it.  The creature had distracted me long enough to allow me to be surrounded by about ten or twelve more of its brethren.  I was stupid enough to take as much time as I did to dispose of my initial attacker.

            Five were on the ground making their way toward me from my left, three from the right, two appeared out of the roof access behind me.  Two had to have appeared at some point during the next confrontation. 

            “Damn this,” I cursed myself for not being able to secure my son, If only Master Covah were here.

            I held Bren as close as possible to my right side, gripped Shina-Saryu tightly in my left hand, and one brave, but stupid fiend charged ahead of the others.  I sidestepped the foolish monster, unsheathed the sword and brought it down in one fluid motion, like a hot knife through butter.           

            Sure the blade could never be broken, and would always hit its mark, but if I become cocky or reckless, I would be letting my son and the whole world down.  As two charge from behind, I step backward into the closest one, the sword’s blade piercing through its midsection.  Bursting forward, the sword’s dull side lays against my forearm, dashing at the other four that were originally coming at me from my right.  The nearest one tries to stop my onslaught with outstretched claws... fat chance! 

The End

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