Slayer's Power and Shina-Saryu's thirstMature

            Making my way across the city is a breeze, leaping from the roof of one building to the next.  Master Covah trained me nearly all the time while I wore a body suit that was at least twice my body weight and it truly was heavy.  But once off, I found I could move incredibly fast, and jump ridiculously high, it was awesome. Almost made me forget the pain inside.

            At about this point, I had traveled nearly four miles, and was making pretty good time.  I could sense another creature not too far ahead, but I wanted to get my son to safety first, I could not sense Master, he must have been at the training grounds, which was really far from the city.  As I took a leap from a taller building to a shorter one, the damned thing literally got the jump on me.  It was leaping up at me, and bear-hugged me.    

            The impact could have killed my son, but I was able to move him to the right and practically behind me.  I could feel the handle of the sword with my left hand, but couldn’t pull it out.  I had to get this bastard off of me first! A sharp elbow to its neck, then BAM! A quick turn of my head, and I crack the sucker right across the jaw with my hard head. 

            The head-butt stunned the creature and gave me enough time and space to free my left arm.  I punch the creep, really hard, that pushes it far enough away, that, after landing on the roof, releasing Shina-Saryu in the underhanded position.  It was made to kill the evil creatures, it feeds off the blood of the ghouls, and easily slices from under its rib cage at an angle to the right where the neck and shoulder connect. 

The End

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