Master Covah and the ProphecyMature

            Master Covah has told me the prophecy, at the dawn of the New Year, 2033, a destiny must be fulfilled, and one part is that my son is to be placed on the Beacon of Darkness.  This will cause a catastrophic event to take place, the Earth will be blanketed in a veil of impenetrable darkness, giving the ghouls, and their creator, Shorgnath, the Evil One free reign over the Earth. 

            However, if on that same day, my son is placed on the Beacon of Light, the demon master and all his little ghoulish demons will be destroyed forever.  And that’s where I come in, a nerdy high-schooler who when I finally got out of the house went completely hog wild.  Got drunk with … my girlfriend, got her pregnant, and here I am now, protecting him and the world from almost certain destruction.  And well this is hard to talk about, but ... the girl … was killed, exactly two days after Bren had been born. I can’t bear to even think her name, it’s too painful.

             I don’t know for sure, investigation is still ongoing, but I think it was the work of Shorgnath himself.  He tried to kill Bren before he was even born!  Revenge against him drives me to sleep only an hour or two a day. Anyway, Master Covah found me a few days after those horrid events, and has been helping take care of me and Bren ever since.  He also trained the hell out of me, before he even let me look at Shina-Saryu.  He tells me that he has been slaying the monsters since he was a child! Looking at him, that would be hard to believe, he looks as fit as any average thirty year old male athlete.

The End

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