Demon Slaying 101Mature

             Pulling the tip of my fine sword out, I get to my feet, and as the demon slices at me again, I leap upward, and over.  I knew it was too slow, but it managed to tear the end of my fine, new brown trench coat.  In the air, twisting my body, so that as I go over, continuing to face the creature, but once directly over it, I stab my sword downward.  A loud thunk is heard as it crunches into its skull.  As I descend, simply let the blade pull down as well.  Landing, already returning the blade to its cover.  Turning my head only ever so slightly, and hear the two halves fall to the dank alley concrete.

            “One down, two million more to go,” whispering to the night air, looking down to my ten-month old son, I think, I must return my son to a safe place, before anymore show up.

            I leap even higher this time, grabbing the railing, hoisting myself over onto the fire escape.  New York City is particularly dull this time of the year, well for its inhabitants anyway, it is cold and wet, very few want to be outside in the awful weather. 

            My son is bundled up well enough though, besides he has my blood flowing through his veins he will be fine, as long as I am alive.  The monstrous demon creatures appear only during the night, and are at this point trying to create a world of pure darkness, so they can be out at any time, my son has something to do with it. 

The End

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