The Classic BattleMature

I wrote this back in 2002-03, and just felt like putting down some classic good vs evil, slayer vs monsters type story, with no ulterior motives. It's very simply a story about a new, young slayer, who's out to protect the innocent from the demons and monsters, who are out to hunt and devour all of humanity. That's it... Please add on to it as you see fit!

“Mmmmm...” the hideous monster ghoul’s reddish eyes stare into my own, “Your child, is it not?”

            Its voice is something like sandpaper scraping against wet concrete, quite annoying.  It had taken my son while I was out killing another of its kind.  I could sense my son’s fear, and came as quickly as possible, but was not fast enough.  Now, it appears the prophecy may become reality, unless I do something about it!

            “Its my boy, and you had better release him gently,” I sound confident, but I’m trying hard to keep my knees from knocking together, “And I may spare you a slow death.”

            “HA! You can’t kill something that’s already dead,” the creature hisses, moving its own jagged dagger ever more precariously closer to my son. 

            Another line that lets me know just how unintelligent it is, I carry with me the Shina-Saryu (Sheenâ-Sâroo), the Monster Slayer.  I unsheathe it, and charge, hoping to both free my child and slay the beast simultaneously.  My skills and reflexes have been honed over the past ten months by a Master Slayer, he called himself Covah, but I only referred to him as Master.  The blade flashes through the night air, slicing effortlessly through the ghoul’s shoulder joint, that arm falls, as foul, dark liquid sprays out. 

            I dive towards my son, catching him in the air, holding him tight to my chest, I roll under the creature, between its legs.   Spinning and coming to a knee at the same time, just in time to block the downward thrust of the creature’s nasty blade.  Quickly shoving the point of my sword into the monster’s chest.   More of its dark blood, actual necroplasmic mana, that is used to refill the dead and cause it to become animated once more, spills out.  It is of an evil origin, and is being controlled. 

The End

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