Shikamaru and Temari - Intense Mission

This is a romance fanfic (shikaxtema)
Shikamaru gets dragged onto a 'troublesome' mission with 'that annoying woman'.

“A WHAT?” Temari screamed at the kazekage,

“Please Temari, you’ll give me a headache” replied Gaara,

“Sorry, but… a what?”

“You heard me, I said you will find a partner, go to this address, and learn a song, which you will then perform for a Lord. Our country’s ninja are currently occupied in training in defense, so you will go to Konoha village, and find a partner there to stay with you while you rehearse. This could be a trap, so please find someone reliable, but harmless.”

“A song… but… Why me?”

“Because…” Gaara began, then hesitated. Temari could have sworn she saw him blush briefly,

“Because… I heard you singing the other day, and you weren’t bad.” Temari blushed at this. She thought the bathroom walls would be more soundproof. She would never sing in the shower again.

“Anyway, please be on your way… And be careful.”

“Yes Gaara.” She knelt then disappeared.

She began to walk slowly to Konoha, knowing only one shinobi who was not only harmless, but also lazy, and would keep quiet.




On a far off hill, by the hidden leaf village of Konoha, a lazy ninja, and his chubby friend, were laying down on the grass; one of them watching the white fluffy clouds go by, whilst the other of them noisly munched a packet of crisps,

“Man, clouds sure are nice,” Shikamaru sighed to himself.

“Nwoh, Portato chwips ware bwedder” His best friend replied with his mouth full.

“But Choji, look at how they just float there, doing nothing all day, but relaxing. No work; that would be so great…”

“Yeah, but clouds can’t eat, and I wouldn’t like that,”

“True, I can’t imagine you going a day without a bag of those,” They both laughed.

Just then, a bird flew over.

“Stupid bird,” Shikamaru grunted in annoyance, “Temporarily blocking my view of the clouds…” But then, the bird turned around, and landed by his feet. There was a small scroll of paper attached to its right leg.

“What’s this?” Shikamaru opened up the scroll and read it, “ Oh man, that old lazy wants to see me in her office.”

“The Hokage?”

“Yeah, well I’d better see what she’s after, see you later Choji.”

“See ya!” Choji beamed and waved.




“Shizune!” The hokage barked at her assistant, “Where is that Nara kid?”

“Lady Tsunade! I sent a messenger bird to him, he should be here soon.” Shizune was fond of her mistress, but always more than slightly scared of her fiery temper,

“Tsch!” Tsunade spat at the ground. She hated hard work, she’d much rather be out traveling and gambling when she needed more money. She did care about the village though, which is possibly the only reason she convinced herself to stick with her job.


Twenty minutes later a bamboozled, but not really caring, Shikamaru trudged into the room, a sour expression on his face,

“Did I interrupt your favorite hobby?” Tsunade snarled at him,

“Old hag…” He muttered,

“WHAT WAS THAT?” She glared at him and slowly rose from her desk,

“N-Nothing” He retreated, “So what did you want?”

“We have a message from the Kazekage, he says that he is sending one of his top ninja here on their way to a mission, and that they will need to choose a shinobi to go with them to a Lord’s mansion, and guard them while they are there.”

“Guard them? …Why would the kazekage want them guarded? Unless…” Shikamaru thought for a moment, “Oh no! Oh no please not her! Not again, anything but that… I’ll go find someone to go with her,” He thought, most work is better than that idea; he would search the whole village if he had to,

“No, I’ve decided that you will offer to be her guard. Of course, you do have experience escorting this particular shinobi around our village, and you know the surrounding area well, it makes perfect sense,”

“So it is her… damn…” He sighed and yawned loudly, barely covering his mouth with his hand. “How troublesome.”

The End

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