Shifting Sand

He crawled through the sand, pulling himself along with what strength he had left.  This was not the way it was supposed to end. He didn't blame the boss, he was a jealous, scared, little coward that would rob and kill his own mother... but, what had he offered daniel?
He crawled further, he had no idea where he was going or where he was for that matter, no that wasn't exactly true,,, he smiled to himself,, he was in death valley and he was bleeding to death from at least,,, one of the gunshots.

Daniel could laugh in the faces of all those that had laughed at him.  He would never amount to nothing,  "Yea how you like me now!" he placed the 45 under his pillow.  His mind played over the events of the day, the only thing that took some of the shine was the bastard wouldn't beg,, he wanted him to beg,, beg for his life, get on his knees,, he wouldn't!  The man had glared at him and that just made him madder... if he would have begged he might have been merciful and shot him in the head,, but that smug ass look,,, he hated that look, he shot him, in his stomach, in his chest, he had to shoot him in the legs to make him fall,, he just kept coming at him... the look on the mans face made his skin crawl, it gave him a coldness that took several hours to shake, but the night had been his. .. thats right Daniel Robinette 5' 6", 135 lbs... Daniel was the man now, no one would ever call him little Danny again. he slipped between his sheets, his smile was short lived as the cold feeling krept up his spine again,,, he shook the feeling off swearing under his breath,, somewhere in the back of his mind was a little voice "he never wronged you".....

His blood seeped into the sand,,, his last breath was a vow,  "revenge is sweet and it will be mine"....  The sand opened accepted his gift of blood and swallowed him up. 
There was the feeling of suffocation,,,grit in his eyes, his hands automatically went to his mouth, it was filled with sand, he coughed, sand poured from his mouth.  He tried to sit up and realized the sand covered his body.  There was a presence, not seen but felt,  and heard?  No not heard.... but the voice... "So then, your last wish was to exact revenge,, is that right?"  He had to think for a moment,,, the words had to sink in, last wish?  The being slithered by him, it changed shapes many times,  "yes your last wish"  His thoughts came to him all at once, the shooting, the burning pain, the last utter of words..."revenge is sweet and it will be mine."  The liquid laughed and changed shapes again.  "Is that what you want?"  It was said in a whisper but, the implications were loud.  He wanted revenge, in fact it would be sweet to him,,,"I will give you the power to lets say,,,satisfy your,,ahh need."  His need...yes.. his need it was just that a need... he didn't have to put his answer into words the thing already knew....

Sid Zylou, short, fat, bald, call him what you would,, he was the boss.. when he said jump..well, it was too bad he had to get rid of the man, he had been the best,  but he had something Sid wanted, and she was sprawled out on the bed waiting for him.  "I am so glad to be free of him, he could smother someone god, I could never go anywhere or do anything"  Sid shifted his weight on the bed and patted her on the behind.. "that is because he knew you were a whore"  she poked out her bottom lip and he started to laugh.. "ahhh dont get all bothered,, come on and give me a kiss"  she looked at him and he saw her expression change,, "Sid?"  "yea"  "I know this might sound silly but, it should have been someone else, not little Danny, he did deserve better than that."  Sid knew she was right, but it was too late, if he'd had any idea of what was going to happen, he would have killed them all.  Cold crept up his spine,, like someone walked over his grave.

Daniel spent the next day at the restaurant bragging about doing something,, but saying he couldn't say what.  No one would sit at the table with him.. they all gave him a wide berth.  He knew why, they never did like him but now,, he knew they were jealous.. made him angry and he started to put away the liquor. 
The waiter came over and told him they were about to close and he slapped the man, "you close when im ready for you to close,,, do you know who I am, im the one,,,do you hear me,,im the one that took care of the problem,, im Daniel,,DANIEL..and you dont close till I say!!.

Stupid bastard,, she had been right it should have been someone else, now he had to get out of his bed and stroke an ego.  The fact was Sid didn't even like the man.  "Oh did I say man, more like a craven little hob gobblin"  "Sid do you ever think of asking for forgivness?"  Oh goody, a repentant whore... "shut up"  he grabbed his coat and stormed out the door.

They had been able to coax him into the back room with the promise of a few more cocktails, they didn't know what to do, they didn't want to insult the boss by calling the cops so they brought him a bottle and left him to himself.
He continued to sing his own praises, speech slurred and eyes dim.
Something poured out of the corner,,, "wha,, who is it"  his eyes adjusted and he began to laugh... "they didn't have to call you boss.. I am fine"  The boss reached down and grabbed his arm, even in his drunken state he knew the strength was not right, the man all but lifted him off his seat, with one hand.

Sid knocked on the door, the waiter let him in and led him to where Daniel was or rather where Daniel had been.  "Hey! theres no one here" 
The waiters looked confused, the man hadn't even been able to stand let alone walk out.  They looked around the room, the only place he could hide was never left unlocked.  Sid looked at the couch, there were little piles of sand, he walked around the table, there was more sand on the floor,  over by the desk...what was that?  a tumble weed?  "somebody want to tell me what the hell is going on here?"  The two waiters looked at each other and then back at him.  "dont stand there with your mouths gaping like fish,, what is this!"

Daniel opened his eyes, he couldn't move anything but his head and he twisted it around trying to see.  "I hope you had a good sleep"  The voice... that couldn't be right he had killed him... he turned his head again and there was something... it looked like a statue but it moved,,no it flowed, like lava, thick and roiling, moving all at once and then parts rolling out and rolling back in, it wasn't lava, it wasn't even liquid, it,,was,sand....
"Hey I dont know who,,, or what you are but you're messing with the wrong person!"  The thing laughed and morphed into a shape he knew, understood and feared.  "NOOOO, YOURE DEAD, I,,KILLED YOU!!!!"  The man stared at him.. "tell me why, tell me what you gained"  the voice was not quite a voice but Daniel understood.  "RESPECT!"  "so you did this to gain respect, wasn't my respect enough, did I ever hurt you?" "YOU,,no you never hurt me, just made me feel insignificant, well now im respected..."  The man laughed.  "a mans significance or insignificance is caused by his own thoughts of himself and you gain respect once you give it ,once you respect yourself"  There it was, truth, something he had known all along.. a look of resignation crossed his face.. "then you are ready ?"  Daniel shook his head yes. 
The man shifted shape again, Daniel was buried up to his neck in sand, now he watched as the thing rolled towards him,,sand,, he wanted to scream but,,, it stopped deep in his throat.. the sand was filled with fire,, it was like slow motion though it was only a matter of seconds....he closed his eyes, the scream came to the surface but was seared into his throat as the molten sand filled his mouth and covered his head....

"So youre telling me, that a man has disappeared into thin air, a man that was too drunk to move, just walked out past the two of you,, and.. he left behind sand and a tumbleweed, that is what you are saying right?  The two waiters shook their heads.  Sid stared at them for a moment.  "I tell you what, im gonna give it two days, if he aint back here, you are gonna curse your mommas for the day she had you, UNDERSTAND!!"  stupid... he turned to walk out of the door when something in the corner moved...
"Yes you are seeing right"  Seeing right,  what the hell,  what he saw wasn't right,,a sandman,, with the mans face.. his hands shook, his voice quivered, it was a croak when he tried to speak . "it,,it wasn't my idea,, that whore, you knew how she was, she made it with everyone, you know that!"  "She hired little Danny to kill me,,?"  "yes, it was her" the face stared at him... "why?" Sid ran his shaking hands over the bald head, sweat poured down his face, he told the lie but, in his heart he knew,, "her and Danny was an item, everyone knew about it"  his nervous laughter was countered by the icy feeling running down his spine... "You are a coward Sid, you hide behind the power of fear, if you would have come to me and asked, I would have given her to you, I was always loyal, never would a female have come between you and me,, if you think there is a god that would want you ask him if you can come now."  The thing turned into a living flame and enveloped him,, his screams were heard two blocks away.. then silence..

Something made her feel like crying, an overwhelming sadness.. She missed him, she didn't know what made her think she would be happy with Sid, he was a fat, bald, slob but, he was rich.  She pushed the feelings away and drew a bath, extra bubbles, that always made her feel better...
It was 4am, when Sid slid between the sheets, well his fat ass was home, he touched her, his hand was cold, she turned over and stared into the face of,,, but that couldn't be right, he was dead,,, "surprised?"  she put her hand over her mouth,, surprised? "yes, I thought you were..."  "dead?" "yes oh god,, im so glad to see you"  she threw her arms around his neck and kissed his mouth.  "arent you worried about Sid coming home?" She spoke with out a pause, still kissing and hugging him.. "I never wanted him, anyway you can take care of him, im not worried about that, I missed you,,, so much,,"  "You didn't have to miss me"  Something in his voice made her stop and stare into his eyes, but she relied on the only thing she knew.  She pulled him down on top of her.  "love me,, make love to me I have missed you, no one ever loved me like you did"  He looked into her face.  "and no one ever will again"  He stretched his body out on hers...
She felt the heat start at her feet, it slowly krept up her legs. she screamed and tried to push him off as it moved up her body..
She wasn't to die though, he took away from her the thing she relied on most the thing she used to deceive...
The doctors spoke in hushed whispers, it was amazing that she didn't die, third degree burns over 100% of her body, something they had never seen before.  Even under her arms... In most burn victims the armpits were spared..  The next thing, there was glass imbedded in her body like sand that had been fired..

His hunger satisfied,, he stood in the sand pit.. the thing came back it melted and formed over and over.. "are you ready?"  He was ready, he could rest now, there was a satisfaction like he had never known before something akin to orgasm.. He planted his feet firmly in the sand and let his body melt into it.... in his mouth a taste like honey... so sweet..
The End

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