I watched him walk away from me. At least he hadn't said "goodbye". There was nothing good about it.

   My cheeks stung from my warm salty tears and the cold harsh wind. It started snowing harder, but I still couldn't move.

   What was I thinking?! Was this really just the end?

   I made my feet move, slowly at first. If I hurried, I could still catch him. I stopped.  No. I had to let him go. This was the best way.

   I turned around thinking I would walk the trail just one last time. I found myself in my little hollow eventually. I thought back, remembering the way Carson looked when I had first shown him this place. The way the light glittered in his blue eyes, how his hair grew lighter and more honey-colored in the sun. His laugh, his smile... I wanted to store this memory forever. At least until I could see him again someday. That may be a very long time from now, though.

   My shoulders shook as I started to sob. In only a month and a half, I had completely fallen in love with him. And now, even though it was best this way, I felt like I had a hole in my chest where my heart should've been. This couldn't be right, could it? I had never, ever felt a worse pain than this. Not even when my mother and sister died.

   I tried to push Carson out of my mind the best that I could. I needed to think of where I would be going next. I looked up at the sky, surprised at how dark it was becoming so fast. I sighed. I hated situations like this. Not that I got a lot of them; actually, I've never been given a fair warning and a chance to run. I should probably take advantage of it, but I had no clue where I could go.

   "Don't be afraid. I just want to talk to you," a silky voice said from behind me. I spun around quickly, ready to fight.

   I didn't recognize the girl, but her name was Sylvia. I lunged forward trying to strike my fist to her pretty face.

   "Seattle, stop it! I know you don't know who I am, but I'm not here to hurt you!" She yelled. I didn't care what she said, I wouldn't be fooled into giving myself up.

   "How do you know my name?" I asked, still trying to fight with her.

   "Seriously? Girl, you are a legend. Who doesn't know your name?" She sounded exasperated. I froze immediately, and she smiled triumphantly.

   "Are you calmed down now? Take a good look at me. You will see that I'm not a Silver Liner. I'm on your side. Actually, we all are. But that's not the point. We need your help," she said.

   "Who's we?" I asked, cutting her off before she could say more.

   "I'm apart of a secret organization, if you will. We got some insight on the Silver Liners' plans, and it's bad news. They created a hybrid of some sort. These people, they're like us- or they will be when they mature- but they weren't kidnapped into this. Their powers are developing slowly, and they're going to be very dangerous if the Silver Liners get a hold of them. They plan on using these different Shifters to hunt down you.

   "Our goal is to stop them. By intercepting the Different Shifters, we save you and them, in return, foiling the Silver Liners' plans. But, we need your help. None of us our as experienced as you are, and that makes you the best for the job. So, what do you say? Are you up for a wicked adventure?" she asked, her eyes alight with excitement. It made me feel as if she wasn't taking this seriously. I believed what she was saying, but the way she acted... well, it was like a twelve year old on Christmas.

   "Where are the 'we' located? And, where are these Different Shifters located?" I asked her.

   "So, you're coming then?" She asked me. I sighed and rolled my eyes. "I'm taking that as a yes. Come on," she said, grabbing my arm and pulling me a long with her.

   Shocked and instinct-driven, I struggled at first. She held on tightly, though; tighter than I would have thought for someone her size. She was very small with an olive complexion. She was shorter than me, with long, dark and rich brown, straight hair. She definitely stood out against the white of the snowy park.

   We arrived to a crimson mustang. I knew that it was stolen, from the Johnson family in Indiana- whoever that was.

   She slid out of the driveway onto the road easily, effortlessly, and we headed headed east on Twelve.

   I found myself laughing at this. Why, I had no clue. But I couldn't stop.

The End

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