It was the last hour of the day, now. After lunch, Seattle and I had been very quiet. And now... well, now was horrible.

   We now shared this class with Tammy. I shared most of the first hour classes with her, but that was okay when I didn't know that she was a Silver Liner. Coldwater isn't safe anymore.

   Tammy was looking at me, so trying to be normal, I smiled at her. She smiled back at me, an almost devilish grin. To be honest, it was kind of scary.

   Mr. Norman was saying something, and that's when I realized something important. I had never really thought about how Silver Liners are dangerous to humans and Shifters alike. If Tammy wanted, she could start a fight right here and now, and reek havoc and chaos among this High School, through and through. And it would only be because of Seattle and I. I would feel absolutely terrible if that happened. Luckily, it wasn't currently happening.

   "Mr. Norman, may I go to the bathroom please?" Tammy asked.

   "Of course, Sandra," He said with a kind smile. I was shocked to hear "Sandra", but then I remembered that he and the others don't know about Silver Liners.

The End

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