A month had passed since that first night Carson had stayed the night. Since then, he's stayed every night. That was a good thing, I suppose.

   However, right now was not a good thing. It was the start of lunch. There was a new student today. I didn't know what she looked like yet, or what her name was, but I would be finding out momentarily. Carson is sitting beside me right now, and he was saying something. But when the next person walked in, I didn't hear anything.

   My ears were ringing, and my breath was knocked out of me. I felt Carson squeeze my hand, but I didn't react, couldn't react.

   I looked away quickly- not too quickly though, trying to appear uninterested, as I was with everyone else. But, the truth was, I was totally interested.

   "Oh, hey. There's Sandra. She's the new girl. She's actually really nice. You would like her, if you got to know her," Carson said trying to distract me. It didn't work, though.

   "No, I would not like her, even if she wasn't lying about who she is," I said harshly, still looking away.

   "What do you mean?" He asked me, totally confused.

   "She's a Silver Liner, Carson. They found us. We've been here too long," I explained in a whisper. I peeked up at him.

   His eyes were wide, and his jaw dropped. The "new girl" walked by, glancing at us.

   "Isn't that great!" I said randomly, hoping that no one would hear how forced my words were.

   "Yeah. Totally." Carson blinked, still shocked, but luckily playing along. I smiled at him, playing up the act.

   If I was unlucky, which I am quite often, she would know about my special gift, and she would know that as soon as I saw her, I would know who she was. So maybe, I thought, if I played dumb for at least the rest of this day, we could make a safe escape. Because, no matter what, it wasn't safe for me or Carson here. Not anymore.

   When she was gone, Carson asked me, "So, if her name isn't Sandra, what is it really?" in a very low voice.


The End

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