It was a cold December day. Snow was blowing hard upon the walls of the Florance Crane Facility. The wind whistled sharply through the air.

   "I know where she is! If you would just let me go, I can bring her back, and we can finish the transformation is," the woman yelled.

   "This girl has been your best friend for a very long time. How do I know you're not secretly on her side, and you're planning on letting her escape. Huh? How do I know!?" the man yelled back, only inches from her face.

   "John, I understand that you want her badly. But I'm not on Seattle's side. She let them almost kill me. Do you think I could easily forgive anyone for that? I want her here, and suffering, as much as you do," she said, trying to calm herself.

   "Fine, Tammy. But if you fail me, there will be serious consequences. Do I make myself clear?" John asked her through his teeth.

   "Crystal," She replied shortly, secretly pleased. This was Tammy's chance to prove herself worthy. She would not fail.

The End

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