We talked and laughed until the early hours of the next day. Carson had moved to where he lay behind me- my mound of pillows now spread out and flattened a little. Eventually we fell asleep; I'm certain I was the first unconscious.

   I woke up to find myself snuggled up close to Carson, and facing each other. He was still asleep, though, with his arms wrapped around my slim waist. This was going to be difficult to get out of quickly without waking him up- I really had to pee. But, luckily, an idea came to me.

   I turned slightly, and shifted into a tiny white mouse. Carson's arms fell, almost squishing me, but I scrambled out of the way just in time. Taking a deep, mousy breath, I looked over the edge of the bed.  It was a longer drop than I had expected; I wasn't used to being so small. I exhaled that deep mousy breath, and tried again, this time, leaping off the bed.

   I made it safely, and shifted back to me. Carson was still asleep. I crept down the stairs, taking two at a time. I really, really had to go now.

The End

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