"Yeah... Where do you think you're going to go next?" I asked her.

   "I don't know. I was thinking about taking a plane to wherever I'm going, but that's too risky. I've never been on one, and I kind of want to know what it's like. But, if I get caught on a plane, there's no chance of survival for anyone who isn't a bird or a Shifter," she told me.

   I laughed. "You've never been on a plane?"

   "Yeah. So what. Lots of people haven't," she tried to defend herself. It wasn't working too well.

   I walked over to her and sat at the foot of her bed. She was leaning back against a mound of pillows. The bedspread was silky, with bright pinks, oranges and greens. She had a matching pillow on top of the mound.

   "Again with the pink," I laughed.

   "Shut up," she retorted.

The End

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