We returned back to my house shortly after our adventure at Taco Bell. We talked for maybe another hour or so, until he stood up again.

   "I got to go," he announced.

   "You're positive?" I asked. He nodded with a small smile and walked over to the door.

   "Okay. But I don't think anyone's going to ground you if you stay," I remarked.

   I knew it was weird to be asking him to stay for the night, but it wasn't like that. I wanted Carson to stay because, surprisingly enough, I felt safe around him. He was a comfort to me. I knew he knew that.

   He smirked at me and I followed him to the door. "Are you coming back tomorrow?" I asked him. I really wanted him to. But, if he didn't, I would understand. We both have a lot to take in about eachother. He's the first Shifter I've really gotten to know.

   It would definitely be sad when I leave in a few days... for me, anyways. I liked carson, a lot, and I really hoped we would meet again later on. I realized that for some reason, I was close to letting tears escape when I thought about leaving Coldwater... leaving Carson.

   "If you want me to," He answered. He smiled at me, and cupped my face.

   "So... ten-ish, then?" I asked, wanting to clarify this, so I wouldn't be asleep still.


   "And you're absolutely positive you don't want to stay, at least for a little longer? Because, I'm nowhere close to being tired, and I can tell that you feel that way too," I said, emphasising the word "tell" and smiling; I only lied a little bit. I couldn't tell that he wasn't tired, because I could only see that he was Carson, and he wasn't a Silver Liner. But I could tell by looking at his non-droopy eyes that he was wide awake.

   He sighed. "Yeah, I'm positive. See ya tomorrow."

   "Okay," I said in defeat.

   When he was gone, I dragged my feet upstairs and shifted into some comfortable sweat-shorts and a tank top. Yes, it was an odd combo for November, but it was comfy, and I was still over-heating a little in the shorts.

The End

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