Seattle wrapped her arms around me, and I hugged her close, too. We sat there like that for most of the afternoon. It didn't feel like it though. Finally, I pulled back a little bit so I could look at her.

   Her hair was hanging in her face and I brushed it back. A low growl rose from both of our stomachs at the same time, and we laughed.

   "I'm starving; how about you?" She asked.

   "I could use some food. Where do you want to go tonight?"

   "Taco Bell sounds really good right now. Are you up for some greasy tacos?"

   I chuckled. "Any time."

   "Good. I'm driving again. I want to practice abiding by the normal laws," she laughed.

   "Sounds like a plan." I helped her stand up, catching her as she stumbled. "You have got to be the clumsiest Shifter I've ever met," I commented light-heartedly.

   "Yeah, don't rub it in." I laughed again.

    "I think I understand what you meant the other day when you said you could pin me to a wall..." I said, changing the subject and remembering my first day here.

    "You think?" She was standing at the door, waiting on me.

    "Try it. I want to see if you really can," I announced.

    "I'm... sorry... What?" She asked as though she couldn't comprehend what I was saying.

    "You heard me. I want to see if you really can pin me to a wall," I repeated.

    "Why would I do that, though. You haven't done anything to provoke me, and I only fight Silver Liners, which you don't happen to be. I'm not going to pin you to a wall," She stated.

    I cocked an eyebrow. "Don't do that," She said.

    "What?" I asked, confused now.

    "That thing with your eyebrow. It's unfair," She clarified.

    "What? This?" I asked, cocking my eyebrow again.

    "Yes. Stop," She told me as her stomach growled again.

    "Sounds like you're hungry; let's go," I said, pushing her towards the door.

    Seattle drove us to Taco Bell, in her own hand-made car, and we ordered our food. We were number 274, about tenth in line.

The End

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