"Seattle, you have to look at me. This won't work without eye contact," He said quietly. His voice was like velvet right now, soft and gentle. I forced myself to look at his bright blue eyes.

   They weren't harsh or judging. They were warm, soft, tender, and kind. I found that I couldn't look away. Silence encompassed our bodies, wrapping us in a tender caress. A new sense of awareness flooded my mind, and suddenly, there was something different about Carson. I could see him.

   "It really is you..." My voice was barely more than a whisper still, but I didn't care. I knew he could hear me.

   He smiled softly, lighting up my surroundings. "I promise it will always be me."  He said this with such intensity, it melted my soul. I could tell that he really meant it.

   I hadn't realized it, but we were only inches away from each other. Not knowing what else I could do, I wrapped my arms around his waist, holding him to me. He held me in his arms, too.

   We could've been sitting like that for an eternity- our chins resting on each others shoulders, holding each other- though I knew somewhere that it couldn't have really been that long. I recognized this to be my first real contact with anyone since Tammy's birthday party two years ago; well, not counting the "battles" I've had with some very unfortunate Silver Liners.

   The last drops of sunlight squeezed themselves in through the living room windows, illuminating our touching scene.

The End

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