I had never seen a place as beautiful. It wasn't anything special, but that's what made it spectacular. I could see why Seattle loved this place so much. I was falling in love with Rotary too.

   The silence wasn't interrupted hardly, except by the twittering of birds and the rustle of leaves. I believe I was growing complacent to life right now, in this very moment. It was like time was standing still for us. I didn't want this moment to ever end.

   I closed my eyes and sighed. We could have been here for hours. The sun was rising, drying the damp ground. What time was it? Honestly, I really didn't care.

   The sun filtered down through the tangle of branches overhead, changing the scene around us. What had been faded and sickly looking leaves upon the ground were now brightening up, coming to life and breathing. The reds became a fire, the golds became liquid, and the browns were warmer. Seattle's hair had lightened up in the brighter light too, and her face glowed radiant and brilliant in the illuminated hollow. I noticed that her eyes were very green- the greenest I had ever seen them.

   A smile played around the edges of her lips. Finally, after what seemed like forever, she said something.

   "I like the way your hair looks in the sun." It was a mere comment, but I loved hearing her voice all the same. Her voice was hoarse from not having used it in a while. She cleared her throat quietly.

   I smiled at her and let the silence fall back into place. We never broke eye contact, and just sat for a little bit longer.

The End

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