We arrived at my favorite place in the world, or the places of world that I've been to, anyway. We were walking past the boat lift that I walk by all the time. I took his hand and started running. He stumbled at first and let go, but soon caught up with me as we raced along the dirt driveway that leads to the trails. Of course, with me being the clumsiest Shifter there ever could be, I ended up tripping, luckily catching myself in time and not falling.

   "What is this place?" Carson asked me as we reached the dock that overlooked the lake.

   "It's my favorite place here in coldwater," I told him. "It's called Rotary Park."

   "Has this always been here?"

    "As far as I know." I answered, overwhelmed, as per usual, by the beauty of my surroundings.

   Across the lake, the few colorful leaves left clinging to the trees were painted on the lake, their reflections rippling softly in the slow currents.

   "It's beautiful," He whispered after a while.

   "Brace yourself. There's more."

   "Seriously?" He asked before he realized I had already begun walking away.

   He caught up to me on the trail that was still littered with the faded and painted leaves.

   Because the day was still young, there was dew on the dying grass, and the crunch of the leaves was no longer quite so loud.

   We walked in silence along the main trail and doubled back when we reached the end, still going until I turned us off onto one of the other side trails. I wasn't going to take him to my field; it was still so new to me, and I wanted some personal time there first. So, I was going to take him my other place here. It was a bit off the trail- a little hollow where birds loved to play, the occasional rabbit hopping by, and squirrels enjoying their selves and munching on some nuts. It was so peaceful.

   "How long have you known about this place?" Carson asked, interrupting the almost eerie silence.

   "Well, I've always known; well, kind of. My... uh... ability. But, the first day I came here was about a month and a half ago. I fell in love with the place and came almost every day. Now, though, it's more like a few times a week," I told him, losing myself in the natural allure again.

   "I can see why," he said quietly. I wanted the comforting silence back, so I didn't reply.

    It took maybe ten minutes to find my hollow walking at this leisurely pace. The log that I always occupied was there, as I knew it would be. It was still damp though, so I decided that I wouldn't be sitting there right now. Instead, I found a dry patch of leaves and sat down, Carson coming to sit across from me.

   We didn't have anything to talk about at the moment, so the silence was never interrupted; I didn't mind the silence though- it wasn't awkward. We just sat there, staring at each other, confined by the twitter of birds and the rustle of leaves as the wind whispered its sweet words in our ears. I was perfectly content at this very moment. I finally had my stand-still moment of happiness.

The End

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