I led him on in silence as we crossed at Marshall Rd. We continued on, still going westward.

   "Are you sure you don't want to tell me where we're going?" He asked after a while. We were now passing Swick TV and Appliance Sales, though it was on the other side of the street. We were about half way there.

   "I'm positive, and don't you dare try to compel me. You will regret it immensely," I threatened him, turning to face him, and stopping both of us.

   "Okay, I'm not going to compel you. Calm down, will you?" He said shrugging at my ominous glare. I narrowed my eyes at him quickly and then started skipping forward again.

   "Okay, I swear to God you are bipolar. I don't know anyone that can shift their moods so quickly," He said laughing at me. I glared at him one more time, only with a little bit of humor. I was finding it hard to keep a straight face right now, so I just lightened up and smiled at him.

   "Oh, I can't believe her," I said distracted by Stacy Rolland and her fancy car. She wasn't going to this go. It was probably the juciest gossip on me yet.

   "What?" Carson asked, totally confused by my random outburst.

   "Stacy," I shook my head. "She just got some very good gossip material. Oh well. What can you do?" I asked rhetorically.

   "What do you mean, 'Stacy'?" He was still confused.

   "Stacy Rolland, you know, the biggest drama queen in the history of Coldwater High School- that Stacy. Well, she just drove by and saw us. She's going to have fun with this, and you and I both are going to be bombarded with millions of trivial and meaningless questions because people don't know how to mind their own business," I babbled on in a rush.

   "Okay then... How do you know.... ?" He trailed off.

   "My ability. I everything about sounds, sight, smells, touch, and tastes. Apart from anything that is compulsionist related. So, I saw the car, knew that it was Stacy's brand new birthday gift that her divorcing parents got her just a week ago, and because I know Stacy, I know that she'll never let this go until she gets what she wants," I explained.

   "And what is it that she wants?" He asked.

   "Well, apart from a new cell phone, she wants you."

   "Me?" He asked incredulous.

   "Oh, come on. You had to have noticed all the flirty actions she makes around you, and the jealous glares her boyfriend gives you when he thinks she's not looking. Oh, she also hates me, so in her mind, if she gets you, she destroys me," I told him, starting to walk again.

   "Why does she hate you?" He asked. "She doesn't even know you, or so I'm assuming." I heard the question in his words, but I ignored it.

   "She hates me because when I first arrived here, I was her main target because I'm pretty and could have been popular, which would have improved her social status by hanging around with me. But I just pushed her and everyone else away; what she doesn't know is that it was to protect her, though I couldn't know anyone meaner in this town, and everyone else," I answered him.

   "Can I ask again, only getting the real answer, why you pushed everyone away, and why you tried to push me away?" He asked, taking my hand. I didn't want to be rude, but I felt uncomfortable when he did things like this. After a moment, I slowly took my hand back.

   "I push everyone away because maybe nobody else will get killed if they're around me. I try to live a normal life, but with Silver Liners haunting my every move, it's difficult to be close to people," I concentrated on putting one foot in front of the other while I walked down the side walk, and also watching out for cracks that could potentially inflict damage upon myself.

   "When you say 'no one else'... " Carson trailed off, not knowing how to continue. So I finished for him.

   "When I say no one else, I am referring to my closest friends back in Oklahoma. Tammy, Jimmy, and Tyler(?*Note* I don't remember if that's right)... We were at Tammy's sixteenth birthday party, the four of us. Her parents were out of town that night, so it was just us all alone in her house. Then some Silver Liners, I remember their names were Anna and Trevor, came and 'crashed' the party. Trevor held me down while Anna made me watch my best friends get killed. I barely escaped; the car they were taking me in got in an accident, a minor one, but enough to distract them both while I fled," I told him the story as we passed the Willows.

   "We're close," I said changing the subject.

The End

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