I was confused. "What do you mean 'erased some things?'" I asked hesitantly. She looked up at me.

   "Why don't I just show you." And then she disappeared for a quick moment only to return in a sleeveless white tank top and shorts. An odd outfit for the beginning of November, but that wasn't what had caught my attention.

   Along her arms and legs were many dark bruises and scars. She wasn't looking at me, but her face was still tilted towards me. Her hair was longer, and covering the majority of her face. And then she pushed back her hair, revealing an ugly scar running from her left temple to her chin.

   "Do you understand why now?" she asked solemnly. "Promise me something," she commanded suddenly.

   "Anything," I told her.

   "Promise me that you won't say a word about this," she paused, gesturing to all her scars and bruises, "to anyone. Mr. Norman already suggested I see a shrink, and that didn't go over so well." She laughed humorlessly.

   "My lips are sealed," I said sedately.

   "Thanks," she mumbled.

   "I want to show you something. Are you up for a walk?" She asked, suddenly in a lighter mood.

   "Um... Okay. Where are we going?" I asked her. She smiled at me and shook her head.

   "It's a surprise. The other night, when you saw me walking, I was walking home from this place," she explained. Curiosity flickered up in me.

   "Okay then. Do you want to go now, or ... what?" I asked, not quite sure what the plan was.

   "Duh. We got to go before all the good lighting fades," She said grabbing my arm.

   She shifted back into the black long sleeved shirt she had been wearing earlier, all scars and bruises disappearing.

   We took a right on E. Chicago Street and walked westward. I had not even the slightest idea of where we could be going. I knew though, that the place we were going to was past the Knapps Spas and Pools place.

   After walking for a while, we reached Marshall Rd. and crossed there to the other side.


The End

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