I watched out the window as Carson drove away. I was surprised with myself... and, a little less than a little angry, too. I sighed, still smiling.

   I was anxious for tomorrow to come. I couldn't wait. I wanted to know if Carson really would stop by. I went back to sit on the floor where we'd been moments ago, thinking about and reliving the past three and a half hours. I smiled. This night seemed to consist of smiles. In fact, I've smiled more today than in my entire life put together.

   We hadn't talked about the Family Topic, or life before the Escape. But we did describe the places we've been, the beautiful sights we've seen. I didn't share anything about my friends from back in Oklahoma. That was another avoided topic. But, I had a feeling that it was bound to come up soon.

   As I sat motionless upon the chipping green wood floors, my eyelids started to droop, and I realized that I was really tired. It was maybe ten o' clock now. I stood up, stiff from all the sitting, and made it slowly up the stairs, taking one step at a time.

   I flopped down onto my bed, still smiling to myself. And just like that, I fell asleep.

   The last thing I remembered was thinking about how Carson may be coming over again around noon. I looked at my clock, remembering that it was an hour ahead. So, in reality, it was only about 7:14 in the morning. The sun was just up.

   I didn't feel tired anymore, and I was practically was bouncing off of my bed. Last night came rushing back to me, and I loved every minute of it- except for the part where I had been crying. That part, I wasn't too fond of.

   I was too excited to just sit tight all day, so I got up and shifted into a long sleeved black shirt and faded blue jeans. I also fixed my hair that had been a mess. As I was trying to think of things to do, my stomach growled. 

   I was very hungry. But this house contained no food, what so ever. Yes, this means I eat out a lot. Kind of dangerous when you fear that the Silver Liners will find you at any moment, because then, if you're somewhere public, there's usually a scene. That's happened twice to me, but I never shifted until we were out of sight.

   The best thing to do when Silver Liners find you is to run. If you can't run, then you resort to fighting. I certainly wasn't the best fighter out there; my condition doesn't help any. I'm very clumsy. I did know a few moves though, and those have served me fairly well.

   Thinking about Silver Liners was depressing, and I didn't want to ruin my bouncy mood. It was the first time in a long time that I've felt excited like this.

   My stomach growled again, telling me I needed to feed it. I left the safe enclosure of my home and started walking. I was trying to decide which of the few restaurants open now would be best. I really didn't know many, but I figured if I walked around enough, I might be able to 'see' which has the best food. I turned right on E. Chicago Street. 

   For ten minutes, I walked westward along Twelve. Standing outside of one of the buildings, a tall chef statue stood. I recognized him to be the mascot of sorts for North Woods. I peered inside. The lights were on, and I could see the staff bustling about busily. The place was open.

   I opened the door and walked inside. It was very warm inside, with a comfy atmosphere. I liked it.

   "Good morning," A woman in her early thirties, named Jessica, called to me cheerily as I stepped up to the counter.

   I smiled back, saying, "Morning. Um... hm.. Can I get a fruit bowl?"

   "Sure. Is that all?"

   "Um... ring up a water bottle, too, please."

   "Okay. You can go sit down; we'll bring it right to you," she said after I finished paying.

   "Oh, great. Thank you," I said and walked towards the back.

   Every seat in the coffee shop was free- I was the only customer in here. I flopped down on the couch, sighing.

The End

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