I couldn't believe it. She, Seattle, was the reason I wasn't a Silver Liner. She helped me, and many others escape too. I gave a small bow to her, just to be funny. It worked- she laughed.

   We took a seat on the wood floors and started talking. About what, it didn't really matter. I was just glad to hear her voice, her laugh, to see her smile.

   Hours passed, and it grew darker by the minute. "I'm glad..." she said finally.

   "About what?" I asked.

   "That I met you," she said, smiling at me. I smiled back.

   "I'm glad I met you too. It's getting late, though..." I said trailing off.

   "You have to go," she said. It wasn't a command, or a question- just finishing the sentence for me.

   "Yeah. I'll see you on Monday," I said, standing up. She stood up too and walked the few short steps to the door with me.

   "I wish you didn't," she said quietly, almost wistfully. I cocked my head at her. "I actually enjoy being around you," she explained.

   I nodded.

   "Do you think you might come back tomorrow?" she asked me.

   "I can if you really want me to," I told her. She smiled and I smiled back. This night seemed to consist of our smiles.

The End

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