Carson looked around the room again for a moment, and then turned to face me again. My stomach was doing flips again, and I mentally screamed at it to stop. I did not need to feel excited that he was here, inside my home.

   I thought about what I would say to him. Unsatisfied with what my disfunctional brain was coming up with, I just started in.

   "You can't fool me anymore. I know what you are, and I don't understand why I'm not running when I should be," I paused, catching my breath. Before I could say more though, Carson interrupted.

   "What do you mean, you know what I am and you don't understand why you're not running. That doesn't make sense," He said slowly, acting as if he hadn't a clue. I saw through it, though, and it wasn't working.

   "It's a bit too late for playing dumb. I know that you're a Silver Liner. So who sent you this time? Adam? Cadence? Sam? Leo?" I asked, my voice cracking in the middle of his name. Leo was responsible for this, for all that I am... for me. Fury raged through me as I thought about him.

   "Wha-- ?" He was rendered temporarily speechless. When he found his voice back, he said, "Seattle, I am not a Silver Liner. I despise them as much as you do, and that's why I'm here. To run from them, to do my best to live a normal life," he said, looking me in the eyes. He wasn't trying to compel me right now, just... willing me to believe on my own.

   I shook my head. "No. You've known about me all along. I've never had another Plain Jane Shifter just show up in a small town like this. Never. You're lying, and I know it," I said arguing with myself.

   Part of me was clutching to this piece of hope, this small glimmer of chance that he wasn't here to kill me. Most of me was trying to think logically, and push myself away from him, to just run; because, running is what I do best.

   "Seattle, I am not a Silver Liner. And, I know that you believe me; I know that you're scared of the chance that you could be wrong, but you don't have to be. I'm not a Silver Liner. Please, believe me," He pleaded. He was inches away from my face, somehow able to look me in the eye without me having to look up.

   "I can't believe that," I shook my head. He put his arms around me, imprisoning me. "No!" I said. It was barely more than a whisper, but he heard me all the same. "No," I said a little louder. I shoved against him, but he wouldn't budge. "Let go of me!" I whispered again, hitting him square in the chest. He staggered back a step but he never let go of me.

   I kept up this struggle for a second or two until finally, he took a hold of my wrists, restraining me. "Seattle, listen to me. I am not a Silver Liner. Please, believe me," he continued his plea. All the same, I kept up my feeble attempts at fighting him off.

   "Seattle, if I was a Silver Liner, you would be dead right now," He said solemnly. I recognized the truth in that, but... I... I couldn't believe it.

   I didn't want to continue fighting him. I just wanted to stop and let him hold me, there, in the middle of the empty room. My head was saying fight. My heart was saying stop. And so I did. I stopped struggling and looked him in the eyes.

   He took his thumb and wiped away the tears I hadn't noticed were falling and despised. I closed my eyes. He held me for a few silent minutes; it wasn't an awkward silence. It was peaceful to my mind, soothing.

   Finally, I disturbed the silence. "I can't see you. I can't know anything about you, unless you tell me. And even then, I still can't be sure if you're lying. It's... difficult, for me to just accept your word without knowing if they're true. That's why I still can't fully trust you. But I want to, and I don't know why," I said, letting just a few more tears escape. He wiped those away as well.

   "What is that supposed to mean? What do you mean by you can't see me?" He asked curiously.

   "I can look at someone I've never met before, and know everything about them. Their birthday, their parents, cell phone numbers, anything and everything. The only exceptions are those who can use compulsion. Like, you..." I explained in a whisper, my voice still shaky.

   "And, because you can't 'see' me, you automatically thought I was a Silver Liner," he said to himself, nodding slightly. "Okay, I have one question for you," he said louder, releasing me.

   "Go on."

   "If you're a Shifter, why didn't you just fix your hand?" he asked, gazing down at the hand I had forgotten was broken.

   "Because it just doesn't work. I didn't fully complete the transformation all the way, I don't think, and so that may explain why I can't fix broken bones. But, I can erase the marks," I refined for him.

   He nodded again. "Before the Escape, I was just beginning to be trained to be a Silver Liner. I didn't have a choice in the matter if I wanted to survive. Nobody did." He sighed.

   "Escape? What do you mean by that?" I asked, confused.

   "Yeah. Some Shifter was able to blow the entire western wall to pieces, allowing for many of us to escape. I've sworn that if I ever meet that person, I would kiss the ground they walk upon," He explained. Understanding lit up my eyes, but it wasn't quite what he would expect.

   "You escaped because of that explosion? Others escaped from that explosion?" Of course I had known, but it still came as a shock that they were actually capable of getting away. I smiled at the thought that others had had a chance because of me.

   "Well, yeah. I mean, isn't that how you escaped?" He asked confused by my question.

   "It was my ability that helped me escape. I just knew which chemicals would get me the explosion I needed. My only fear was that others would get hurt or killed from the outburst," I told him. His eyes grew clouded with confusion again, and then his jaw dropped.

   "It was you? You blew up the wall?" he asked incredulous.

   I nodded. "I just didn't think that it would be that big until I was flying away and looked back. I'm really glad that you and others escaped too."

The End

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