This wasn't making sense. "I don't get it," I admitted, though it had to have been obvious on my face.

   "I'm just saying. It might help with some... uh... things going on," he said hesitantly.

   "You think I need counseling because of what some kids said?" I asked incredulous, again. He was about to say something else, but I cut him off.

   "No, listen. That girl, Emily---  " he looked shocked that I knew who had suggested this to him, but it was too late to regret it now, "she doesn't know anything; you don't know anything. I don't need counseling, and personally, it's none of your business. Thank you for your concern, but please, stay out of my life," I said. I turned and left the room.

   I cannot believe anyone, especially a teacher, would believe that I need to see a shrink. It was positively absurd.

   I sighed and left the premises in a bad mood. Nothing new there, though.

   The whole Carson Thing could've gone better at lunch, but I'm glad it was no worse than it had been, I thought as I walked. As far as I could tell, he thought that my trying to avoid him was all because of last night.

   So, I was very surprised to hear knocking at my front door. There was only one person I had told of my whereabouts to, and I couldn't understand why he would be here. Then again, maybe I could.

   I clicked off my fake iPod and went down the stairs taking two at a time, and opened the door. It was Carson, of course.

The End

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