I opened my eyes, and looked at my clock. It said 5:15, which meant it was really 4:15 in the morning. It was an hour behind. Great. I tried closing my eyes again, but it was no use. I was awake, it was too early to do anything, and my dream would not let me get back to sleep.

   My dream... It was all too livid, and horribly real in a unreal kind of way. Though I tried, in vain, to repress it, it wouldn't stay out of my mind.

   I had been running through the streets of some huge city with a girl I did not know. All I knew was that I had to keep her away from them, or my mission would fail. And then, there, surrounded by the Enemy, I saw him. And suddenly, I froze. I just stood there, staring at him. How? How could he do that to me? How could, after everything, how could he let the Enemy take him? I couldn't believe it. Wouldn't believe it. Tears burned my eyes as the chilled wind whipped through my hair and around my face. No. I wouldn't let them see how much this hurt, how much he hurt me. Not in front of him, not in front of them, and certainly not in front of the girl. I was supposed to stay strong, so that she could survive. Her survival was most vital now, and I couldn't jeopardize her life.

   I remember grabbing her wrist, and running with her through the maze of busy streets. And then I woke up. The dream didn't make sense at all. I already knew he was a Silver Liner, so I didn't see why it had hurt so much in the dream. Stupid, I thought as I realized I had warm tears stinging my cheeks.

The End

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