He took my chin in his hand; my breath caught in my throat, and I started shaking slightly. The last time anybody did that, I ended up kidnapped and turned into what I am today. I jerked my head from his grasp and looked down again. Though I enjoyed the meal, I seriously regretted coming here tonight.

   "I'm sorry," he apologized and went back to his food. I said nothing.

   We finished eating in silence, and Amelia came back around with our check.

    "Can I get you guys any desserts tonight?" she asked kindly. Carson looked at me and I shook my head.

   "No thank you," He said politey. He got his wallet out of his coat pocket and gave her a twenty for the fourteen dollar meal. "Keep it."

   "Oh, thank you. Have a nice night," Amelia said graciously.

   "You too," I said out of habit, giving her a smile that I had to work hard to achieve.

   Carson held the doors for me again as we walked out, and finally, I was on my way home.

The End

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