"Fine," I said, just trying to please her. I didn't understand how she thought I'd be able to forget about this, but for her sake, I would try.

   "Thank you," she said as Amelia came back with our steaks.

   "Thanks," I said, smiling politely.

   "No problem. Is there anything else I can get you? More water, maybe?" she offered.

   "Oh, um. Yes please." Seattle handed Amelia her glass. I hadn't even noticed that she had drank her water already. Amelia nodded, smiling, and walked away.

   An awkward silence fell between Seattle and me.

   "Thank you," Seattle finally said when Amelia brought her glass of water back. Again, Amelia nodded and left.

   "I'm starving. How about you?" Seattle asked, trying to break the silence that fell again.

   "Yeah, I'm pretty hungry," I said while picking at my food. I sat in thought while SEattle ate, just picking at my food.

   "You're not eating. Do you not like it? Because it's really good," She asked me, bringing me back to Earth.

   "Hm? Oh, yeah. Sorry, just was thinking..." I told her truthfully, trailing off.

   "About how I was abused. Please, just drop it. It was a long time ago," she whispered, looking down at her plate, avoiding eye contact.

   "Hey, I didn't mean to upset you. It's just... difficult for me to take in. I didn't mean to upset you," I told her, taking her chin in my hand and making her look at me. She held her breath and started shaking a little bit.

The End

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