"I was nine the last time anybody opened a door for me..." Seattle said quietly, mostly to herself. She was looking over my shoulder, staring off into space.

   "Wow. You were nine the last time anybody held a door open for you? Why is that?" I asked her, full of curiosity.

   "It's a really long story..." Was all she said.

   "Hi, welcome to Applebees. How many?" A girl maybe Seattle's age greeted us. She had blond hair and bright blue eyes.

   "Just the two of us, thank you," I said.

   "Okay, follow me, please," She said, leading us to a booth in the back. When we sat down, she told us, "Your server will be right with you."

   I nodded and Seattle said, "Thanks."

   "So..." I said after a moment of awkward silence.

   "So....." Seattle copied me after another moment of silence.

   "What's your favorite color?" I asked her out of the blue.

   "Why do you want to know?" She countered.

   "I don't know... Because I don't like the silence, and I would like to get to know you.

   "It changes everyday," she answered me.

   "Well, what is it right now, then?"

   "Right now? Red. Right now, my favorite color is red."

   "Okay. What's your birthstone?" I asked, randomly choosing something off the top of my head.

   "Birthstone? Jeesh, you're random. It's garnet. My grandmother gave me a garnet bracelet for my sixth birthday, with matching earings; they were real. But we had to sell them after my mother died, because we needed the money," She explained... I wasn't expecting her to say so much, and I felt sorry that her mother had died.

   "I'm sorry," I said for no reason. It didn't do any good, really.

   "It's alright. It's not your fault," she said, staring off into space again.

   "Do you have any siblings?" I asked, hoping to take her mind off of the subject.

   "Brother and a sister. Both younger than me. My sister died though, when she was six. And, I don't know where my brother is..." she trailed off.

   "I'm sorry," I said again, not knowing what else I could or should say.

   "Please stop apologizing. I hate it when people try to give me sympathy. It really doesn't do any help."

   I was on the verge of saying sorry once more, but stopped. She chuckled humorlessly.

   "So you live with your dad then," I said. It wasn't a question, but she answered anyways.

   "God no. He's in prison, back in Oklahoma. Legally, my aunt has custody of me. But, no. I do not live with my father. I would be happy, if I never saw his face again. He's a horrible, horrible man..." she trailed off.

   I wanted to ask why he was so bad, what he did to earn her distrust, but I got the feeling that this topic should be avoided. Seattle wasn't looking too happy right now.

   "What's your favorite fruit?" I asked, changing the subject.


   "Haha. Mine too. Um... lets see. Favorite animal?" I asked.


   "No way. I love birds," I told her.

   "Okay, my turn," she said as I was getting ready to ask another question.

The End

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