My stomach growled as I was laying on my bed. It was getting dark out now. I sighed as I sat up and put my coat and shoes on.

   I walked out down the hallway; the lights were dim. I smiled and said, "See you later," to the elderly woman behind the desk.

   Sliding into my car, it started to sprinkle slightly. There weren't hardly any other cars on the road right now, and nobody was out walking either. Wait, no. I stand corrected.

   A girl in a long-sleeved blue shirt and dark pants, with long dark hair was walking slowly. Her back was to me. She looked up at the sky, almost angrily. She continued walking, slowly, and soon came to look around her.

   I was in the parking lot of Knapps Pools and Spas when she turned and looked around. and that's when I saw that the girl was Seattle.

The End

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