I sat down on my bed for a while. I needed to find a better place than this if I was going to stay for a while... Maybe I shouldn't stay, though. I've never had the Silver Liners catch me yet, but still.... I've heard the stories.

   Before the Escape, I knew a man who's friends had been killed because of who he was, what he was. Silver Liners can be ruthless and mean. They're not supposed to be, though. They just let the power get to their heads... I've seen it before.

   I leaned back, laying down. I sighed. Maybe Seattle had the right idea, trying to avoid me. I wonder if she could sense that there was something not totally right with me. No matter; I should be trying to stay away from her, away from everyone.

   Kind of like... No. It couldn't be. Could it? Could she... ? No. She was human. Shifters aren't clumsy like that. At least, I've never seen a clumsy Shifter. No, she couldn't be. It's impossible. But... No. I refused to think like that. She. Is. Not. A. Shifter.

   I sighed again. What if I was wrong, though. No. I could not be wrong; I was not wrong. I closed my eyes. It was probably best to move on. I will go next week, to be sure that I'm right.

The End

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