She stood there for a moment, chewing on her lip. I started thinking that she might turn me down, when, finally she said "Sure," with a grin.

   It was all I could do to keep from jumping up and yelling in triumph. For the first time, Seattle actually agreed to an offer of mine. "Great. And where am I taking Miss Seattle?" I asked, with exagerated enthusiasm. Or was it exagerated?

   Seattle laughed for real for the first time today-probably ever. "Wow. I can't believe that, in one day, I, Carson Brown, have cracked the elusive Seattle. In all her time here, I'm the first to really make her laugh... I must be good," I said to myself, opening her door. She started laughing harder, and I joined in.

   "Your taking me to Morse Street. From Twelve, I'm the second house on the left- white house, teal and purple trim, with a green roof," she told me, still laughing as she sat down.

   "Okay then. Second house on the left, here we come," I said as I pulled out of the parking lot.

   "So where did you live before you came to Coldwater?" Seattle asked hesitantly. I assumed this was also her first attempt at "small talk".

   "Washington," I replied.

   "What city?" She pressed.

   "It's kind of funny, actually. I was in Seattle fourty-eight hours ago," I said laughing.

   "Oh, no way. Are you serious? You were in the city I was named after just the other day? You lived there?" She asked, almost incredulous.

   "Yeah, I'm serious," I said, laughing at her reaction.

   "What's it like?" she asked, suddenly taking on a thoughtful tone.

   I thought about what I was going to say... "Well, it certainly isn't as great as Coldwater is. Of course, that's just my opinion," I said finally.

   I hit the brakes hard as I almost ran a stop sign. Just because I was a Compulsionist didn't mean I liked having to use it if I got a ticket. Having a record when you move around a lot doesn't really help.

   "Ow," Seattle mumbled.

   "Oh, jeeze, I'm sorry. Are you okay?" I asked her, forgetting for just a split second that she was in the car too.

   "Yeah. It's not bleeding, though, is it?" she asked me, lifting her palm from her forehead so I could see it.

   I shook my head. "No, it's not bleeding. I'm really sorry about that. I wasn't paying attention, and... well... yeah," I said trailing off.

   "It's fine. I'm fine," she assured me.

   I nodded. A kid that had been trying to cross the street before I almost ran them down flipped me off. I guess I deserved it for not paying attention.

   Seattle laughed and shook her head. "I can't believe he seriously just flipped you off. When did our society get so rude?"

   "I did deserve it, though," I said, continuing down the road. Changing the subject, I asked, "So where were you before you Coldwater?"

   "California. Southern California, in a city that's so small that you've probably never even heard of it," she said chuckling.

    "What was California like?" I asked her, curios to hear what she thought of California.

   "Beautiful. Not nearly as beautiful as Oklahoma, though. I love the open fields..." She trailed off.

   "You've been to Oklahoma before?" I asked.

   "Yeah... I was born there. I grew up there, moved away when I was fourteen, and came back for a while. Then we moved to New York, then South Carolina, California, and now here, in Coldwater," She explained.

   "So your parents move around a lot, then," I said, talking to myself more than anything.

   "Um, yeah... I guess. It's just parent, though. Oh, and careful... the drive way is kind of, well, crappy." She said, pointing to a white house.

   "Yep," I nodded.

   "Um, thank you," Seattle said hesitantly.

   "Don't worry about it," I said smiling at her.

   She ran her fingers through her hair, chewing on her lip. She just sat there for a minute, not making any attempt to get out. As if she was jolted awake, she said, "Erm... right. Bye." And before I knew it she was out and already at her door.

   She turned around and waved, smiling, and stepped inside.

The End

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