Seattle stopped in her tracks after I called her name. She turned to face me, and I saw there, plain in her eyes, cautious curiosity.

   "You're a lot smarter than just book-smart," I told her, smiling kindly.

   "You've known me for exactly four hours and 3 minutes now, and yet you already know trivial things like this... Wow, I need to step up my act. I'm letting my guards down way too much," she said, half heartedly smiling and looking down at her shoes, avoiding my gaze.

   "Nah... You don't need to step up the act; I kind of like it down," I said playfully.

   "I thought you liked a challenge, though," she said, looking up from under her eyelashes, with a smirk in place.

   "Oh, believe me. I do," I said. Without another breath, I left the room with her standing alone in the middle. With some difficulty, I refrained from looking back, though I could tell she was staring after me, bewildered. I noticed I was grinning to myself.

The End

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